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Back to School- capture the moments!

Back to school!

I can’t believe it is back to school time already!  Where did the summer go?  My daughter, Kaitlin, headed back to school on August 22nd.  She just started 7th grade!  I remember when I put her on the school bus for kindergarten.  She was fine, I on the other hand, cried the whole time!

Kids’ lives are busy nowadays.  School, sports, outside interests, etc. can lead to exhausting days.  My daughter made the Junior High School soccer team as goalie this year and I was super excited!  But days are filled with school, homework, soccer practice and soon, soccer games and family time can be pushed aside.

Throughout your child’s life there can be great moments that you want to capture and preserve for always.  A cute baby photo, a fun birthday party, Christmas morning, Halloween, and of course soccer!  I have taken a picture of Kaitlin every day since Kindergarten and some day(when I have time!) I will get around to putting all those first day of school pictures in order for her as a keepsake!

Even though our lives are crazy right now, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I get excited when I see Kaitlin excited about school and soccer and even when she talks nonstop about One Direction!  By the way, if you don’t know who 1D is, just asked your teen age daughter!

So grab a camera and start snapping all those fun moments!

IMG 0581

Shannon Zarkovich

Customer Account Representative

Creating Ads for your yearbook.

This time of the year is when most advisers are working furiously to meet their yearbook deadlines.  For many advisers part of the yearbook consists of ad pages. Yearbook ads play a huge role in many yearbook programs.  The ads help to fundraise for the yearbook and are a great way for the entire community to get involved in the yearbook.  You sell the ads in the fall and now all of a sudden realize you have to make pages out of them.

The big question we always get is how to size them for the pages. Here is a diagram to help show you what size your ads should be.

If you are creating your yearbook on School Annual Online there are some great templates already set up for you!  If you need help fitting an ad into one of these sizes let us know.

Tell us some of your success stories about selling ads in your yearbook!


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Yearbooks A to Z! M is for Money! Fundraising Ideas...

moneyM is for Money!  

Now is that time of the year to make sure you are on top of your yearbook sales.  School Annual will happily send you posters, postcards, stickers and order forms to help you on your way to yearbook sales success.  However we also want to make sure you working on fundraising too!  Here is a list of some successful fundraising options we have heard about…

  1. Bake Sale
  2. Calendar
  3. Pizza Sale
  4. Candy Sale
  5. Hoagies
  6. A Dance
  7. A Play
  8. Teachers vs. Students Basketball Game
  9. Ads-from local businesses
  10. Personal Ads from Parents
  11. Sponsor a craft fair
  12. Community movie night-sell popcorn and charge admission’
  13. 50/50 raffles at school events
  14. Pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner
    1. Hold an auction during the dinner of items donated by community businesses or themed gift baskets donated by parents of the PTO/PTA

These are just some of the ideas we have seen our schools participate in to raise money for the yearbook.  If you are looking for more ideas be sure to search online for websites dedicated to fundraising.  If you have had a successful fundraiser at your school be sure to post to this blog and share your story.

From the School Annual Team MC900424464

Yearbooks A to Z- A is for ADs

G  SA RepTransfers Sara ABC A A IS FOR ADS!

Want a fun, easy way to generate some extra money for your yearbook?  Think ADS!

Ads are a great way to:

  • Generate extra money.
  • Get parent involvement.
  • Make the yearbook personal to the student.

If you are thinking about adding extra pages to your yearbook, ads can help generate the extra money to pay for the extra pages. These can be business ads from local business, parent ads, teacher ads, etc.

Ads are also helpful in getting parents involved in the yearbook.  Whether they have a child in kindergarten or a graduating student, parents love to do dedications to their student!  You can sell full page, half page, or quarter page ads to the parents to send their congratulations to their student.

Students love to have yearbooks that are personal to them.  With ads, they can have a whole page just about them in the yearbook!  This is a great way to increase your sales as well.  If the student knows there is going to be a page dedicated just to them, the more chance they will purchase a yearbook!

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So, the next time you are thinking about ways to make your yearbook special, think ADS!

Keep on the lookout for B!

Shannon Zarkovich

Customer Account Representative

Selling Yearbook Ads….avoid another car wash fundraiser.

As a yearbook adviser we often find ourselves thinking about how to offset the cost of the yearbook or supply the yearbook to every student at no cost. Let’s face it, if we ask our family to purchase another tub of cookie dough, gift wrap, or a candy bar, they probably won’t answer any more of our phone calls.  Selling ads has become a great alternative to the dreaded car wash fundraiser!

 Ads can come in three different forms:

  1. Family Ads – Family members can purchase a spot in the yearbook to personalize a message to their student. This is a great time to pull out that embarrassing picture of Bobby as a baby and put it in the yearbook! 
  2. Shout Outs – Students can purchase space to give a “shout out” to another student in the school. These are gaining popularity and the students have a ton of fun deciding what to write to their best friends. These are typically only take up one line and are fairly inexpensive for students.
  3. Business Ads – Local businesses can purchase space in the yearbook to insert a “sponsored by” message or even place a business card.

 Ads are often placed at the end of the yearbook, but a new growing trend is to place them throughout the yearbook. For example an elementary school in Pennsylvania placed a line at the bottom of each of the portrait pages: “This page sponsored by Company X”. 

 How much should I charge for a yearbook ad?

 This is a tricky question as we find this may depend on several different factors, but below you will find some general guidelines we find works for several of our customers:

Full page ad: $200

½ page ad: $100

¼ page ad: $50

1/8 page ad (business card): $25

Shout Out: $5-10

 So avoid another car wash or candy fundraiser and look into selling ads.  It’s a Win-Win for everyone!


How does your school promote ads in the yearbook? See below for a sample page of shout outs.

Ternie Moyer Dlugoenski

Sales Supervisor


 Yearbook parent ad page

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